Welcome to Signature Eye Specialist. We are located in Calgary Alberta, Canada.


Our services range from routine eye exams, comprehensive testing to on-site YAG & BlephEx procedures  for those who need it. Our doctors and staff understand that your vision is precious, as well as your time. We offer you the latest in technology to diagnose, correct, and support the health of your eyes, all of these services under one roof, offering an ease and convenience to our patients.

Through our dedication and commitment to our patients, we are honored to be one of the best medical practices in Calgary.

We provide comprehensive eye care services which include the following: Patient History, Visual Acuity, Eye Pressure Checks, Preliminary Tests, Keratometry, Refraction, Eye Movement Testing, Eye Health Diagnosing and treatment with additional comprehensive testing as need it.


Eye Emergency: Eye medical conditions such as painful or non-painful sudden change in vision, eye infections that need immediate medical attention.


Cataract Surgery: Involves removal of nature lens of the eye that has developed an opacification referred to as a cataract.


Pterygium Surgery: Involves removal of abnormal tissue from the sclera (white part of the eye) and cornea of the eye.


BlephEx: is a painless and well tolerated in office procedure to thoroughly remove debris from around the eyelashes in treatment of chronic condition Blepharitis.